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Jewish Life in Buenos Aires

The Jewish community in Argentina is the largest of South America and the 7th biggest of the world. It´s composed of a majority of Ashkenazi Jews (80%) mainly living in Buenos Aires. 


They are numerous Jewish community organizations in Argentina as well as youth organizations.


Buenos Aires has 50 Orthodox synagogues, 21 Conservative synagogues and a few Reform synagogues. Argentina’s oldest synagogue, Congregacion Israelita de la Republica Argentina, is known as "Libertad" because it is located at Libertad 733 in Buenos Aires.


Argentina has more than 70 Jewish educational institutions, including kindergartens, day schools, elementary and secondary schools. More than 60% of Jewish Argentine youth attend a Jewish institution. In Buenos Aires alone, 17,000 Jewish children study in the Jewish educational system. 


Jews are active in all sectors of Argentine society and many are prominent figures in the arts, film, music and journalism. Some influential Argentine Jews include: writer Jacobo Timmerman, owner of a local newspaper who campaigned for human rights; Rene Epelbaum, who founded a protest group for mothers of political prisoners; pianist Daniel Barenboim, and Cesar Milstein, the 1984 Nobel Prize recipient in medicine.

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